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You can see our videos of agility and tricks on our YOUTUBE CHANNELS:

Molly & Indy:

Ruby & Toffy:



For pictures of puppies & info about parents of our B-Litter go to "Current Litter-Litter B"! For more info & reservations contact us:


Our puppies were 4 weeks old - and they have got their first video! :) You can see it here:


We have puppies! :) On Halloween Molly gave birth to eight lovely puppies - see "Current Litter - Litter B"! ;)

News from 2013 till now available at our FB account!


Another meeting with our puppy Moon - but this time with both of his parents! ;) We had rainy, but otherwise really joyful day! Pictures are below:

From left to the right - Indy, Marko with May, Mr. Snowman, Molly, Gorazd and Simona with Moon and Neli:


Today we went for a  beautiful hike in snow with our puppy "Moon", who has visited us for the first time after joining his new family! And we have added some new pictures! You can see them in the column "Leglo A"! Enjoy! ;)


Eclipse of the Moon wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013! ;)


Molly & Indy have their own youtube channel! We have finally uploaded the video of Indy's first exam in agility for A2 (Ivanič grad) and also our puppy's first video! :) Both videos are available at:

All other (older) videos of Molly & Indy are still available at Anja's channel!


We are pleased to announce the birth of our first puppy!!!! :) It's a boy and he was born on 11th of November in early Sunday-night hours! He is Molly's "only child", so you can be sure that he will be really spoiled! ;) All information about him are and will be available in the rubric Litter A


On Saturday, Indy celebrated her 2nd birthday - she also wishes everything good to all of the other members of I-Litter! ;) And on Sunday we went to the competition in Ivanič Grad (Croatia) - that was Indy's second competition and she has already finished on superb 1st place in agility and made her 1st exam for A2 level!  Well done Indy!! ;) Video is comming soon!


Molly has made it double! After winning the Slovenian National Championship, she concluded the season in the really special way - she has also won the Slovenian National Cup for 2012! Here is the picture from the final competition:


We went on herding at Čateška gora - our dogs showed quite some talent for herding! Here are some pictures:

It was a really great experience!


Molly won Slovenian National Championship (A2) for 2012!!! Amazing! Here is the video of one of the most important win of the season - KD Agility Ilirija, 30.06.2012:


Molly celebrated her 4th birthday with her best friends - she also wishes happy b-day to all her brothers and sisters from E-litter!


Molly was on European Open in Sweden (Kristianstad)! She did some mistakes with Boštjan, but it wasn't so bad for being qualified for the first time! Here is the video:


Ruby's agility runs:


On a very hot competition, which was organized by our agility club KD Agility-Ilirija, Boštjan and Molly ended on FIRST PLACE!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Video is comming soon!

Photo: Iza Tomšič


Ruby did great on today's agility competition in Selca. She finished 2nd in A3 class!!! Big congrats!!


Molly and Boštjan qualified on EUROPEAN OPEN 2012 in Sweden! BIG CONGRATS!!!


Boštjan and Molly did great on Saturday's agility competition in Zagorje! They finished FIRST!!!



Molly and Boštjan did their LAST EXAM FOR A3 and finished SECOND in A2 CLASS!!!



I made a new video of Ruby and Toffy showing tricks. :)



Boštjan and Molly did it again. They did their 2nd EXAM FOR A3 and finished fifth! Congrats!

Photo: Monika Pleterski


Molly and Boštjan were overall third on the Mr. Pet winter cup in Prestranek. Big congrats! :D


Today, a little sheltie pup joined our pack. Welcome, Toffy!


Ruby is today four years old. Happy b-day Ruby, and lots of luck in agility! :D


Ruby and Twiggy are having lots of fun. :D


Molly and Boštjan did their FIRST EXAM FOR A3 and finished 1ST IN A2 CLASS!



Molly, Ruby and Indy are wishing you a happy, full with two and four legged friends, new year! :D


Exactly one year ago, our little sunshine was born. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDY AND I-LITTER!!!


Today, me and Ruby did our LAST EXAM FOR A3!! And now finally, Molly is competing in A2 large and Ruby in A3 small! :D


Here is a photo of Spiridom border collies. And of course, Ruby's not Spiridom and she is not a border collie. :D

Spiridom Darky, Spiridom Irio, Spiridom Inn, Spiridom Eclipse of the Moon and Ruby


Today, Molly was celebratin her third birthday! Happy birthday Molly! Hope you will enjoy eating and playing with presents! :D

9. july 2011 

On this competition, which was organised by our club KD Agility-Ilirija, we finaly had some "luck" and gain some results. Molly and Boštjan were third and did their fifth exam for A2! :D

Photo: Tanja Gril

4. june 2011 

Ruby passed the B-bh exam with 98/100 points and was the best from all dogs on the exam! And next day, she was first on agility competition in Križevci and did the second exam for A3!

Photo: Eva Fortuna

21. may 2011 

Great results from competition in Slovenska Bistrica! Ruby was second!

14. may 2011 

We have some great results from Saturday's competition in Ložnica -> Ruby did the first exam for A2 and was first in agility run. Of course, the jumping was to easy and we were disqualified. :D

 Photo: Eva Fortuna

 4. may 2011

I made a new video of Molly's worst agility run and three exams that she made for A2. The video of fourth exam is missing, but it's coming soon. :)


23. april 2011

We went on a competition in Ptuj and Boštjan and Molly did great! They had the best total time and the only clean agility run and they were ON FIRST PLACE! Video will be online soon.

Photo: Tina Župec

                                                                                    Photo: Tina Župec 

                                                                                         Photo: Eva Fortuna

21. march 2011

We have Molly's cousin on visit! 


18. march 2011

Sorry for not updating my page regulary. :)

On the last competition in Postojna, Prestranek, Molly did the last exam for A2!!! And now, we're preparing her for a whole new season in A2! :)

22. january 2011

Molly really was better on her next competition in Prestranek. She almost did an exam for A2, but unfortunately one bar went down. But she had 0 penalties in jumping! :) Boštjan also runned with Ruby. :)

Results: Agility: 12 place, Jumping: 14 place, Overall: 10 place

 7. january 2011

I made a video of Ruby's exams for A2 in agility. You can see them here:

18. december 2010

Molly went on a competition in Prestranek, but the results are not so good. :) But she'll be better on next competition in Prestranek, i'm sure. :)

Results: Agility: disqualified, Jumping: disqualified

7. december 2010

Ruby and I went on a competition in Trenčin (Slovakia) from 3.-5. december, where we got  R. CACAg

Results: Saturday: Agility: disqualified, Open agility: 0 penalties (5 place), Open jumping: 15 penalties

                 Sunday: Agility: disqualified, Open agility: disqualified, Open jumping: 0 penalties (2 place)


17. november 2010

We went on a competition in Glanhofen on 23 and 24 october. Molly was 3rd in category of guests! And Ruby did the final exam for A2!

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