Eclipse of the Moon


Spiridom Eclipse of the Moon – Molly

Date of birth: 4.9.2008

Pedigree Number: SLRBOC-000358

Sir: Allymoon Icebreaker

Dam: Allymoon Unlimitedfreedomlullaby

Pedigree: below

CEA/CH: Normal


Gonioscopy: free

Hip Dysplasia evaluation: A1 / A1

Elbow Dysplasia evaluation: Normal (0) / Normal (0)

Breeding Permission: Excellent – A

Molly is our oldest bitch of Border Collie breed originating from kennel  Spiridom. Her parents are Luya (Allymoon Unlimitedfreedomlullaby) and Izi (Allymoon Icebreaker) – both very successful exhibition and agility dogs from renown kennel Allymoon, her grandfather being a world beauty champion named Hamlet (Sequojahpark Mystical Warrior). She was born on 4.9.2008 and on 5.7.2009 she already passed basic obedience test with instructor  Polona Bonač, her result being 97/100.

We continued with agility training and courses under mentorship of Polona Bonač, Petra Pečar and Manca Mikec and began competing in April 2010. In the season 2011 we gained a total of 4th place in the National Championship of Slovenia, category A1 Large, and in the season 2012 total of 3rd place in the Winter Cup of Slovenia in Prestranek, category A2 Large. We also participate in competitions abroad (Austria, Croatia). In the season 2012 we also gained 1st place, category A2 Large in qualifications for European Championship and took part in this year's European Agility Championship EO 2012  in Sweden (Kristianstad). Undoubtedly one of the greatest achievement is Molly's 1st place in the National Championship and in the National Cup of Slovenia 2012, category A2 Large in agility! In the season 2013 we participated for the first time at International Border Collie Championship in Agility - BCC 2013 in Italy, and in the season 2014 we qualified for the second time in Slovenian National Team for EO 2014 Hungary. We concluded the season with our runs at the BCC 2014 Slovakia where we made it all the way to the Team Finals! We were again qualified in the Team Finals at the BCC 2015 Luxembourg where we - together with Indy - achieved 2nd place and the title of the Team Vice-Champions and that is for sure our biggest internetional achievement!

Achievements in Agility with videos of crucial runs of the season:

BCC 2015 Luxembourg - participation at International Border Collie Championship in Agility - qualified for the Team Finals - 2nd place - Team Vice-Champions

BCC 2014 Slovakia - participation at International Border Collie Championship in Agility - qualified for the Team Finals

EO 2014 Hungary - member of the Slovenian National Team for European Championship in Agility

BCC 2013 Italy - participation at International Border Collie Championship in Agility

1st place in the National Championship of Slovenia 2012 in category A2 – National Champion of Slovenia – ctrl + click

1st place in the National Cup of Slovenia 2012, category A2 – Slovenian National Cup Winner - 

ctrl + click

1st place in the qualifications for the European Championship in the category A2 – Member of the Slovenian National Team at the European Championships in agility European Open 2012 in Sweden – ctrl + click

3rd place in the Winter Cup of Slovenia 2012 in category A2 (movie) – ctrl + click

4th place in the National Championship of Slovenia 2011 in category A1

Molly is distinguished for her typical exterior appearance, consistent construction, good constitution. Classic black and white color, symetric coloring. Regular position and posture of tail and ears. Perfect teeth and jaws with scissor-like bite. On the basis of these and also other virtues she gained an excellent A breeding permission.

She has a character of an extremely lovable dog, ideal family dog, loves all people and especially children, her attitude being completely without problems and very loving.  She is always delighted in all our visitors, being accompanied by her quickly waving tail. When on walk she likes to play with sticks and frisbee, being her favorite toy. Her specialty is that she always puts the stick or toy on the path we are walking on and is waiting for the play to be continued. She likes very much to play and catch with her best friend, our  other border collie bitch Indy. Their mutual »herding« and »focusing« is though a constituent part of our walks and at the same time a typical feature of Border Collies that were bred for shepherding and work with sheep. Doing this they completely forget about the surroundings and are focused at the activities during our walks. Molly has also experienced herding and showed to be quite a talent!

Molly is an extremely great fan of water and swimming – she spends most of the time at the seaside in water, always attractively jumping from the shore and swimming with us long after all other bitches leave the water.  Of course she also has some interesting specialties of her own that I call »border obsessions«. In the summer, when our dogs spend most of their time in our garden, Molly is occupied with obsessed seeking and catching small lizzards and if you do not give her some other tasks to do, she is able to snoop at the rocks beside the fence, waiting to find one. During winter, when weather does not allow us to spend so much time outside, she takes advantage of every moment, she would be catching snowballs all the time and if you do not comply with her request she tries to convince you with her doing various tricks, her favorite is walking on her rear legs and it really looks like in a circus because unlike from other bitches she walks backwards until you give her a reward – snowball throwing.  Her pranks are funny and not very disturbing for us because we have learnt to divert  them into other appropriate types of behavior with other activities, in winter for example that is cross-country skiing, this being an excellent winter activity pertaining our bitches that run with me in good condition. We also learn them to do different dog-tricks, which you can see in next video: ctrl + click

What I find really enthusiastic with Molly is, that beside her ability to do various kinds of work and tasks (our main activity is agility), she is at the same time an ideal family dog with loving attitude towards us, other people and our pets, thus she is an equal combination of a dog capable of working and extremely adapted to family way of living – in one word – universal.

You can follow up all additional information regarding Molly and her expected litter on our website, or contact me through e-mail: respectively. We are also looking forward to meet you in person!  

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